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Welcome to Universal English Institute‏. ‏We are authorized by Cambridge International ‎Examinations to offer its globally respected comprehensive educational programme for all ages, ‎encompassing a proven system of qualifications.

English Cources

Empowering student autonomy – encouraging our students to take ownership of their learning; An integrated curriculum encouraging the application

Life in Institute

The classrooms possess the requirements for a joyful learning process, such as smart boards, student friendly desks/chairs

Academic Support

Universal English Institute recognize the difficulties faced by students that study academic courses in a second language and we aim to provide support for our students every step of the way.

Exam Preparation Courses

This concentrated course provides thorough preparation for the examination: essay writing, fluent and accurate speaking, describing and interpreting graphs and charts and practice

Test Your Level

You can test your level and get the results immediately, please click on Title to start and following the steps..

English Cources


Speaking English

UEI welcomes you to join our English Speaking Training

Business English

  Business English Skills Does the other person understands

Group discussions and Personal Interview

Group Discussion( Classroom training)      25 hrs What is a


  Over half of a million people take IELTS


Student lounge

IT Hall Lounge Highe Tech.

Wi-Fi throughout

E- Free Library& Hall

Cafe Shop-in & rest.

Interactive/whiteboards & Self study

Study For Education Business

All of our teachers hold teaching qualifications ranging from certificate to diploma level. Our teachers are committed to continuous development and share our passion for learning with our students.


Optional Support Classes

Writing Classes

Speaking Classes

University Preparation Classes

Turkish Language Courses

A1 – A2 – B1 – B2

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